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April 24, 2007

Comment Chaos

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Okay, so I’ve gotten some feedback that there’s some trouble commenting. The site was originally setup to require people to be registered before they could comment, but it didn’t really give much help in getting from “I’ve got something to say” to actually getting it posted. It’s now open to comments from anyone. If you continue to have problems, please let me know.




  1. Testing, testing…

    Comment by Adam — April 25, 2007 @ 10:32 am | Reply

  2. Hi JD! Tell Courtney hi for me too.

    Comment by Becky — April 25, 2007 @ 1:05 pm | Reply

  3. la la la la la la la


    Comment by timidvenus — April 25, 2007 @ 2:12 pm | Reply

  4. Great, now you can get comment spam like “hey, come to my private web page and look at my pictures.”

    And the weird thing is, the messages come from Becky! Ha ha, her myspace got hacked.

    Comment by Jay Anderson — April 25, 2007 @ 2:39 pm | Reply

  5. i like that you can change the backgrounds on your blog.

    Comment by ed — April 25, 2007 @ 7:49 pm | Reply

  6. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to get around to posting something bringing up the background thing. I’ve also been meaning to actually put in some backgrounds of my own choosing instead of the stuff that is built into the template. So many, so little motivation sometimes.

    Comment by JD — April 25, 2007 @ 7:58 pm | Reply

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